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hibiscusgal's Journal

Ri~ri ♥
6 September
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{ Hibiscusgal's Info {

♪ Welcome to my lovely page~! ♪

Hello and welcome to my info page~! ^o^
I am Markie but you may call me Ri~ri!
I'm 22 and I love Japanese Fashion~!
This doll to my left was made by me so
please don't steal it. She's supposed to
be me! ^O^ Thank you!


Name: Markie
Nicknames: Ri~ri
Age: 22
Bday: September 6th!
Sign: Virgo c/ Boar
Location: Houston, TX
Pics: Coming soon!
Likes: Hibicuses, Beaches, Bright things, cheery things, shoes & purses, japanese fashion, anime, drawing, egypt, france, germany and many more things! (view my interests!)
Dislikes: Bugs, annoying people, kids that scream in public places like shopping stores, parents that allow their spawn to scream and don't shut them up, annoying rude children, selfish people, closed minded people, when my grandma looks at me funny when I bring home something I think is cute but she thinks is really "Stupid", and more.

Hugs ♥

give Ri~ri more *HUGS*
Do you want a hug~? ♥
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